Finest Articulate Storyline Quiz Templates



Find the Finest Articulate Storyline Quiz Templates to kick start your next eLearning courses and they are filled with graphics, illustrations and impressive animation effects so that you are free to use in your eLearning courses.



Click on image to visit the template.

Single Select Quizzes: These templates are supported by an image. This template can also be used to test accurate knowledge of learners with short descriptions of an analytical situation or scenario.

Multiple Select Quizzes: Find unique classic Articulate Storyline templates for multiple choice questions in our etemplate library. These templates provide challenging task to learner by selecting more than one option and it will be best practices.

Drag and Drop Quizzes: These are well-organized and unique blended Drag and Drop interactivity templates. Drag options are well structured into different sets and the blank spaces are designed to drop targets.

Fun interactive Quizzes: Attractive, Responsive, Engaging and Fun interactive quiz templates. These pre-build Articulate Storyline Interactive quiz templates are energizers for learners and it can be used in educational presentations and interactive scenario.





Once you find a template that you want to use, it can be ease to import into your Articulate Storyline tool.

So all you need to do is Select, Download and Import. Ease of customization Content, Illustrations and Graphics of your desired in the template.





These Articulate Storyline pre-build templates are completely customizable. Quickly adjust fonts, sizes, colors, spacing, and images with just a few clicks. No additional coding is required! You will have complete control over all elements and appearance of the templates. Use our pre-build templates in your next eLearning courses.

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February 9, 2018

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