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Custom designed templates to build Anti-Bribery and Corruption course

We understand the importance of compliance training and its ever growing needs of an organization. Swift eLearning services offers custom designed Articulate Storyline eLearning templates for Anti-bribery and Corruption Compliance eLearning course. Salient features of custom designed templates are: Easy to Customization: Every organization has to meet and adhere to ...
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Articulate Storyline Drag and Drop Interactions

Drag and drop interactions can make even the most boring eLearning course fun and interesting. The regular check your knowledge interaction can be presented in a more effective, simulated and engaging manner. We have some creative drag and drop interactions that you can use in your next eLearning course design ...
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Engaging Tabs Interactions for Articulate Storyline

The most common type of interaction we use in eLearning courses are tab interactions. The reason is, they are an easy way to sort and present the static content a bit more engaging. Tab interactions are especially helpful group related content of courses that contain subtopics. Learners can flip back and ...
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Download And Customize Articulate Storyline Templates for eLearning Course

Our custom designed templates looks great and save development time. All of our templates are built in Articulate Storyline. They are easy to customize Content, Illustrations and Graphics of your desired in just a few clicks. No additional coding is required! We developed a great number of e-learning templates such ...
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