Engaging Tabs Interactions for Articulate Storyline



The most common type of interaction we use in eLearning courses are tab interactions. The reason is, they are an easy way to sort and present the static content a bit more engaging.

Tab interactions are especially helpful group related content of courses that contain subtopics. Learners can flip back and forth between tabs to read and re-read content without losing.

Tab interactions are a great way to do so. Here is why?

  • Easy way to organize content

  • Chunks content to make it easier to understand for learners

  • Personalized navigation allows navigate quickly

  • Interactive and engaging learning

  • Easily customize


Here are a few tab interaction templates from our library:

Blue Tabs Template with white background and it consists of 4 interactive buttons. Additional Information appears by clicking the buttons. It can be used in any type of eLearning project.Swift-tab-interaction1

Horizontal Tab interaction represents 5 clickable tabs, which display the information by clicking on buttons. It can be used for creating your own effective e-learning course. Fully compatible with Articulate Storyline player.


Vertical Tab Interaction represents 4 clickable tabs, which display the information by clicking on each blue button. It can be used for creating your next e-learning courses.Swift-tab-interaction2

Rectangular Tabs Interaction contains 5 rectangular tabs, clicking on each tab leads to the following information. It can be used in any type of eLearning project.Swift-tab-interaction3

Icons Tab Interaction consists of 6 interactive Icons each of them display additional information by clicking on each icon. Perfectly runs on Desktop, iPhone and iPad.Swift-tab-interaction4

Tabs interactions are the best templates to fit a heavy content neatly onto one slide. There is lots we can do to make them stylish and fun interactions. The swift eLearning template, portal is a great source of tab interactions template.


Easy To Customize
Content, Illustrations and Graphics

These templates are easy to customize Content, Illustrations and Graphics of your desired in just a few clicks. No additional coding is required!. You will have complete control over all elements and appearance of the templates. Use our custom design templates in your next eLearning courses.



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March 11, 2018

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