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Our custom designed templates looks great and save development time. All of our templates are built in Articulate Storyline. They are easy to customize Content, Illustrations and Graphics of your desired in just a few clicks. No additional coding is required!

We developed a great number of e-learning templates such as Course-Starters templates, Text and Graphic templates, Quiz templates, Video presentation templates and Interaction templates etc.., for Budding developers and Instructional designers. These templates are designed with graphics, illustrations and impressive animation effects.



1. Graphical User Interface (GUI)

A user-friendly interface is a crucial part in designing intuitive learning experience. User interface can have an impact on learner’s cognizance of whole learning event. So, the graphical user interface (GUI) of an eLearning course should be neat and clean. It shouldn’t be an obstacle or something that learner needs to decipher.

Our custom designed eLearning course skin/shell has following sections,

Course Banner – It is to display <branding logo> on top right and <course name> on top left and list of buttons such as Menu, Closed Caption(cc), Download, Home, Help, Resources on canvas

Title bar – It shows <slide title> and <slide number>

Content display area – It is a canvas to present graphics and texts using custom designed or pre-designed layouts (eLearning Templates). It also includes Back and Next course-navigational buttons to the canvas.

Since the navigational buttons are placed in the middle, the template is suitable for Landscape orientation of mobile devices.



2. Course Starters Templates

Course Starters is the most important part in every eLearning courses. It attracts the learner’s in and gets them engaged and inspired to play an active role in courses. For this reason, all eLearning courses should have introductions slide, which are engaging and inspiring to the learner.

Our custom designed Introduction Templates which are filled with animation, wonderful graphics and illustrations. These intro templates are attractive, responsive, and well-organized.


3. Interaction Templates

One of the best strategies to enhance learning effectiveness is to keep your learner engaged with the course content. And this can be achieved via meaningful e-learning interactions that hook your learners and facilitate an active learning in self-paced eLearning courses.

Types of templates available:

Branching e-learning courses are a great way to practice skills in realistic situations like customer service or sales process and other scenarios. We have been using the branching template as a great way to add more information on the screen without too cluttered and also prevents learners from moving on to the next slide unless they have viewed all slides.

Click and reveal interaction templates are used frequently throughout eLearning courses, to present batches of information on a slide. These templates were created by using triggers and layers, when learner click on a graphic a text description appears.

Tab Interaction templates are an easy way to sort and present the content. Tab Interactions are a great way to chunk out small pieces of content and allow learners to explore in the order.



4. Text and Graphic Templates

We have created a great number of templates for an e-learning courses to save development time. Our designing team has designed e-learning templates in Articulate Storyline, so you do not have to start from scratch. These templates are ready to use, just download them, customize to your color brand and change the content and make them online ready.

A key points to design the templates:

Text: We have designed the template in such way the text looks more clearly & better readability for learners, which may include titles, headings, captions, and body content.

Media: Placement of illustrations and graphics are presented neatly in the template, which won’t disturb the learner in reading the content.

Effects: We have used pleasant animation effects for the text, illustrations and graphics in the template for eye-catching to learners.



5. Quiz Templates

Quizzes are an essential part of eLearning courses. Not only do they test the learner knowledge, but they allow the learner to use their new skills and knowledge in a real world after learning it. This helps to solidify the information in the learner brain and further enticing them to engage with material.

There are a great number of quiz templates to choose from our library. Find the template that is suitable for you and customize the template. It is easy to add your own background images, logos, and text styles.

Types of templates available:

Single Select Quizzes templates are supported by an image. This templates are used to test accurate knowledge of learners with short descriptions of an analytical situation or scenario.

Multiple Select Quizzes templates provide challenging task to learner by selecting more than one option and it will be best practices for learners.

Drag and Drop Quizzes templates are well-organized and unique blended interactivity templates. Drag options are well structured into different sets and the blank spaces are designed to drop at target area.

Fun interactive Quizzes templates are energizers for learners, and they Attractive, Responsive, Engaging and Fun, interactive templates which can be used in educational presentations and interactive scenario.

Enhance the productivity of your online training courses with custom made templates and speed up the eLearning development procedure while minimizing the cost. ELearning templates give you a head start by allowing you to focus on the subject matter of the course instead of worrying about design. Swift eLearning services provide a huge pool of eLearning templates of various types to choose from a library. Also, you have the option to custom-tailor eLearning templates to meet your online training needs.


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March 6, 2018

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