Articulate Storyline Drag and Drop Interactions



Drag and drop interactions can make even the most boring eLearning course fun and interesting. The regular check your knowledge interaction can be presented in a more effective, simulated and engaging manner.

We have some creative drag and drop interactions that you can use in your next eLearning course design to enhance the content effectiveness and learning experience.

Drag and Drop: Puzzle interaction

Drag and drop interactions to arrange the pieces up remembering and coordinating which pieces to match above image. This game will not only test the existing knowledge of the Learner but also help to grow in their current understanding.


Drag and Drop: Choose correct answer

This drag and drop interaction designed to test the learner’s ability to identify a draggable selector for choosing the correct item on the screen.


Drag and Drop: Sortinactivity

Learners are given a picture and tasked with putting the proper labels on appropriate places on the image.


Drag and Drop: Fill in the blanks

This is a nice drag and drop interaction similar to fill in the blank to test learner’s ability to identify and sort the correct answers.


Drag and Drop: Choose correct folder

Drag and drop can be a very intuitive way for a learner to interact, it is also a great way for teaching how to use the computer by a draggable selector for choosing the correct icons.


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March 18, 2018

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