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Vast Collection

Text Layouts Library

With over a 150+ vast collection of unique templates available, Swift eLearning offers a huge variety of pre-built templates that you can use to kick-start your eLearning course.



Ease Import

ease to import into your Articulate Storyline

Once you find a template that you want to use, it can be ease to import into your Articulate Storyline tool.

All you need to do is Select, Download and Import. Ease of customization Content, Illustrations and Graphics of your desired in the template.



Ease of customization

Ease of customization

Text: We have designed the template in such way the text looks more clearly and better readability to the Learners which may include titles, headings, captions, and body text.

Media: Placement of illustrations and graphics are presented neatly in the template, which won’t disturb the learner in reading the content.

Effects: We have used pleasant animation effects for the text, illustrations and graphics in the template for eye-catching to learners.



February 1, 2018

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