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Articulate Storyline Templates for budding developers and instructional designers. With a huge collection of custom design templates for Content and Graphics, Interactions, Introduction and Quiz templates for quick start your next eLearning courses. These templates are filled with graphics, illustrations and impressive animation effects.




Types of templates are available:

Branching e-learning courses are great way to practice skills in realistic situations like customer service or sales process and other scenarios. We have using branching template as a great way to add more information on the screen without it looking too cluttered and to prevents the learner from moving on to the next slide unless they have viewed all layers.

Click and reveal interaction templates are used frequently throughout eLearning courses, to present batches of information on a slide. These interaction template was created by using Triggers and Layers, when learner click on a graphic a text description appears.

Tab Interaction templates designed to share a lot of information on a slide. Tab Interaction is a great way to chunk out small pieces of content and allow learners to explore in the order wise.


Import File

Find a template that you want to use and then import into Articulate Storyline just a few clicks.

Easy to customize Content, Illustrations and Graphics of your desired in the template. So all you need to do is Select, Download and Import.



These Articulate Storyline templates are completely customizable. Quickly adjust fonts, sizes, colors, spacing, and images with just a few clicks.

No additional coding is required! You will have complete control over all elements and appearance of the templates. Use our custom templates in your next eLearning courses.

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February 25, 2018

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